Mobile Computer Classes

Our teachers travel to remote schools on a scooter with a tin box full of laptops – rain or shine. Classes are delivered in places where kids would not have used a computer before. Students learn how to type in two languages, use text editors and spreadsheets and other basic computer skills. In the first year of our project we have enrolled and worked with 300 students in Kampot province. In 2019, we will be hiring three teachers delivering mobile computer classes in Kampot and Takeo provinces. By the end of 2019 with classes in 6 remote locations, our mobile teachers will reach 1500 students!
Many students in rural Cambodia finish high school without any computer knowledge. Our vision is to provide access to technology in these areas, assisting in the accrual of skills necessary for greater job opportunity and secure their future. For those who will get into university, computer knowledge and experience is essential for assignments and learning.

All our laptops are donated by big-hearted individuals and companies that are committed to making a difference. We are grateful for the support we have been receiving and are proud that we can give a second life to pre-loved electronics. Such actions support sustainable practice for our environment and exercise ethical responsibility of mindful practices.

Watch a video about our computer classes and how they create difference in Cambodia!