Leadership Programs

In our workshops young people develop leadership skills and explore important topics in a safe and nurturing environment. We create a soulful balance between technology and social connection.

The birth of our leadership programs arose unexpectedly in March 2018 when listening to the young people of Cambodia aching to create better lives for themselves, their families and communities. Despite their excellent grades the children were lacking guidance, encouragement and confidence. They harboured a low self-esteem and were not comfortable being seen communicating their point of view or ideas.

We strengthen the spirit of the children, enhancing their wellbeing, providing them with the resources and life skills to claim their personal power and achieve their dreams. Our mission is to foster and sustain children’s long term learning and development. While classes and programs are structured and curriculum focused, the sessions are tailored to honour their uniqueness and nurture individuality, giving them a voice, an opportunity to be heard and met as equals in a style of schooling that challenges traditional norms. In doing this we not only break the cycle of poverty but support the evolution of education on a global scale.

We held our first workshop for 16 young men and women in June 2018. In a small intimate group, we explored our strengths and weaknesses, what success is, we practised positive self-talk and how to go beyond limiting beliefs. We worked individually, in pairs and in groups. We also created vision boards of life that we want to create for ourselves and our communities.